quinta-feira, 1 de março de 2012

We all like it...

Yesterday I bought a lot of beads and threads for my crazyquilting. I think I'll have a lot of work organizing the beads and threads. I think it will be fun, but there's a problem to solve. After organizing everything in the new plastic boxes that I have bought, how can I find a place to put the boxes? Inside or outside the old wardrobe of my sewing room? That's a real problem!
These are the Perlé 5:

And the beads, I think these are beautiful:

And the metal beads, I found many in various shapes: fishes, umbrellas, lockers, keys butterflies:

And more..

I also found small heart shape buttons and other stuff, but I arrived home very tired because these February days are very very hot  here in my country Brazil. It's not raining but when it comes it will rain a lot!

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