sábado, 31 de março de 2012

Hand dyed threads

This week my friend Anne from Canada sent me a tutorial from Pamela Kellogg's blog teaching how to hand dye silk ribbon. I found it so nice because it is very simple. Sharon Boggon also left a post telling how she does her dyeing on Pintangle and a post about how to skeining threads to dye.
 I had  already watched a video about how to hand dye yarn. It is a very good video.

After all I decided to try what I 'd learned. I decide to dye some floss. and here are my results:

After dyeing and dry the threads on the line I had a little work organizing. After all the work  done:

    If you have a hand dye tip, or a link to share please leave your comment.

quarta-feira, 21 de março de 2012

TAST week 12

The stitch for this week is barred chain and alternating barred chain.
I found it very useful for vines, seams, very good to add beads and little flowers.
I have made it on my Aida sampler.

 I was updating my Aida sampler and want to show you my buttonhole stitches from week 2
This is one of the most useful stitches.

 And my sampler is getting longer...

Satin ribbon and a seam

This week I've tried some satin ribbon because in my country we don't have silk ribbons . These satin ribbons have beautiful colors and brigthness that I wanted to try. I did these spider roses .
After I did this seam using chevron and cast on stitch. I didn't finish yet.

quarta-feira, 14 de março de 2012

TAST week 11 and my pebble

The last two weeks I have been doing my pebble. As all the girls said it is addictive! I couldn't even stop to do the running stitch, the TAST week 10 stitch. But I'm lucky because the week 11 stitch is whipped wheel and I was just finishing mine when Sharon announced it! Take a look:

And this is my unfinished pebble.  There is a lot of work to do !!!!

Today I updated my Aida sampler. I did some more wheels

quinta-feira, 8 de março de 2012

Pebble adventure

Pebbleencrusted-pebblePebble finishedPebble Adventure Feb 2012Pebble-FinishedSecond Pebble
2012 February 21- Encrusted Calico 029My golden pebbleMy first pebble The other side of my pebble.Stone one sideOther side of stone

Pebble adventure, a gallery by fatquarter on Flickr.

I'm thinking about doing mine.

Via Flickr:
A collection of encrusted pebbles made for the pebble adventure at Stitchin Fingers. I cannot add the pebble I made, you can find it here.


This week I have been working on Terri's Round Robin block. It is the last block I have to work on.
It is a challenge to work on the same block with 4 other friends. I learned a lot! I made some experiences with ribbons.
I also made some crochet flower and arranged then on Anne's crochet basket

And this is the entire block view:

quinta-feira, 1 de março de 2012

TAST week 9

The stitch for this Tast week 9 is couching.
I picked up two different variegated strings and couched with  herringbone stitch.
I think the variegated thread that I used to couch matched very well.

Here we can see the stitches better:
                                                                       And more:

We all like it...

Yesterday I bought a lot of beads and threads for my crazyquilting. I think I'll have a lot of work organizing the beads and threads. I think it will be fun, but there's a problem to solve. After organizing everything in the new plastic boxes that I have bought, how can I find a place to put the boxes? Inside or outside the old wardrobe of my sewing room? That's a real problem!
These are the Perlé 5:

And the beads, I think these are beautiful:

And the metal beads, I found many in various shapes: fishes, umbrellas, lockers, keys butterflies:

And more..

I also found small heart shape buttons and other stuff, but I arrived home very tired because these February days are very very hot  here in my country Brazil. It's not raining but when it comes it will rain a lot!