quarta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2013

Work in progress

Here we go for another year of work . This is my wednesday work in progress. I had these fabrics for about 10 years in a bag waiting for me  to do my "new"bed quilt. Seriously!!!
 I had a spine problem, a disc hernia that I had to learn to live with. In that time the only handcraft that I could do was crochet , that I love. After some years I got better and began to do my quilts again. Last year I did 2 bed quilts and began this one. I had already pieced the Double wrench blocks that I found on internet ( you should see the Quilt Blocks galore there are thousands of blocks). Today I put them together with the pink squares. The border will bee dark blue like the blocks.

sábado, 19 de janeiro de 2013


I've finished my first CQJP 2013 block. I used this block to make a framed clutch.  I made it in what I called a "Pat Winter style" because I really love her work. Hope you enjoy my clutch.